Samstag, 14. März 2015

Wooot to all sailor!

On the waters of SL you can find a lot of different sailing ships, which are to sail with virtual wind.
During my sail trips I often see sailing ships, I haven't known before. Somehow I got the idea to record this diversity of sailable ships.
First I began with a simple excel file and now I created a blog with database.

I visited some sailing clubs, ship yards and marinas to look for sailing ships and also SL Marketplace was a very good source fo find sailing ships to fill the database.
For Visualization of all the information, I took photos of  nearly all ships. Also some vidoeclips could be added.
Several additional information can be now found in the data sheets of each ship for a detailed overview: e.g. race-boat-Class, handicap, windscript etc.

  -----> Click "Sailboat" in the headline to find the database!

The Second Life Ships - Database is a private, non-commercial project and is not intended to be completed as well as be without mistakes.
The Database is hosted at a german ad-free webhoster. I hope the servers are running stable and there are less down-times.

Look at the blog and in case you find mistake or a sailship (sailable with virtual wind - not static) is missing in the database send a notecard inworld or an email to me.

Thank´s to Sannita Cortes (check up my terrible english) and to all the great ship-builders in Second Life for so many beautifull boots!